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Shine Bright in Sin City: Exploring the Glamorous World of Large Carat Vegas Engagement Rings by Tru-Diamonds™

by Charlotte Mostert on April 22, 2024
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“In a city that sparkles brighter than the stars.” Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world and where love stories unfold amidst the excitement of the Strip. In a city known for its opulence and extravagance, nothing symbolises commitment and luxury like an engagement ring. And when it comes to capturing the essence of romance and elegance, Tru-Diamonds™ stands as a beacon of excellence.

If you are looking for something Old Hollywood Glamour, the Grace Kelly Ring is your perfect companion, for Kelly was an American actress and Princess of Monaco who oozed femininity and beauty. Embrace this new chapter in your love story with a regal beginning, wrapped in luxury and glamour.

Tru-Diamonds Grace Kelly Ring

Grace Kelly Ring

Depending on your style, the Impressive Emerald Cut or the Opulent Oval Halo Ring will be the next step up in one's choice of bling. Both rings have a total weight of over 7 carats, but it is up to you if you would prefer a boldly glamorous emerald cut, or a softer vintage oval design.


Tru-Diamonds 7.75 carats Impressive Emerald Cut Trilogy Ring

7.75 ct. Impressive Emerald Cut Trilogy Ring


Tru-Diamonds Opulent Oval Halo Ring


Are you a bit of a rebel? Someone who does not like to follow the conventional way of operating? Then the Jane Fonda’s Oscars Ring is the perfect pairing for you. With a total weight of 9 carats, it is a fun pop of colour and a bold Emerald cut ring that will be sure to turn heads.

The Jane Fonda Oscars Ring

If you are an Elizabeth Taylor fan and want to commemorate her eternal beauty and class through your wedding, we have two beautiful options for you. The Elizabeth Taylor Ring - which is a 10.75 carat pear cut ring that will bedazzle any heart, or the 13.22 carat Elizabeth Taylor's Engagement Ring.

Elizabeth Taylor Ring

Elizabeth Taylor Ring


Elizabeth Taylor's Engagement Ring

If it is a showstopper that you are looking for the Super Nova Ring is the quintessential piece that will complete a flawless Vegas engagement. With a stunning total of 26.7 carats it will rock every onlookers world.

Super Nova Ring

Super Nova Ring

Whether you find inspiration in the city's dazzling lights or the romantic allure of its iconic landmarks, may your journey to finding the perfect ring be as unforgettable as the moment you say "yes." As you embark on this exciting chapter of your life, may your ring serve as a radiant symbol of your love, promising a lifetime of cherished memories in the city where dreams come true.