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Sparkling Surprises: Gender Reveal Jewellery Ideas

by Charlotte Mostert on April 22, 2024
Tru-Diamonds Gender Reveal Jewellery blog cover

Do you have an expecting mother in your family or friend group? A growing trend has taken the gender reveal space by a storm - it involves giving a jewellery piece with a corresponding precious gem as a gift to a new mother identifying the gender of her baby.

Traditionally it is that when a baby is a girl something pink is given and when it is a boy something blue is given. At Tru-Diamonds™ we have a large collection of stunning Pink and Tru-Sapphire pieces that any expecting mother would relish.

If you are looking for a bracelet, we highly recommend a choice between the Pink ‘n White Delight Bracelet  for a girl. This 7-inch celebrity style bracelet is brought to life with shimmering alternating uniquely cut pink and flawless white simulated diamonds, drawing the eye with the flash of colour.

Tru-Diamonds Pink 'n White Delight Bracelet

Pink 'n White Delight Bracelet

For a boy, the Tru-Sapphire Cascade Bracelet, which is a 10.4 carat total weight marquise and pear cut 7-inch bracelet. The perfect subtle, yet elegant piece to add to a collection. Now every time she looks down with her hand on her belly, she will be thinking of you as well.

Tru-Sapphire Cascade Bracelet

If you are two best friends and want to have matching rings for your opposite gender babies we have the perfect matching rings for you. The Pink Josephine and the Blue Moon of Josephine. These exact matching rings are the perfect best friend rings to celebrate your friendship.

Here is the story behind these two replica rings: In November 2015, Hong Kong billionaire property tycoon Joseph Lau bought two spectacular diamonds for his 7-year old daughter, Josephine. He paid $28,5-million for the rare 16.08 carat, cushion cut Pink Diamond at Christie’s Fine Jewels Auction and, the next day, won the 12.03 carat Blue Diamond with a record bid of $48.4-million at Sotheby’s.

He promptly named the gems “The Pink Josephine” and “The Blue Moon of Josephine”. The Blue Moon of Josephine Ring features a 5.68 carat Blue Tru-Diamonds™ Cushion-cut centre stone surrounded by ice white Tru-Diamonds™, for a total weight of 6.28 carats.

The Pink Josephine Ring

The Pink Josephine Ring

Blue Moon of Josephine Ring

Blue Moon of Josephine Ring

If you are looking for something more subtle, earrings are a tasteful choice of jewellery. Celebrating the love of having a little girl with our dangling Pink Captivated Heart Earrings or encapsulate the boldness your little boy will inherit with the Tru-Sapphire Cheri Amour Earrings. Either way, these earrings will be a sweet reminder to any mom about the magical time of her pregnancy.

Pink Captivated Hearts Earrings

Pink Captivated Hearts Earrings

Tru-Sapphire Cheri Amour Earrings

Something practical that can be worn as a subtle nod to the new baby is a pendant. Deciding between the Pink Inspiration Pendant and the Sapphire Inspiration Pendant is up to the baby. As the expecting mother wears the pendant close to her heart, it serves as a constant reminder of the excitement surrounding the impending arrival of her little one. It's a touching gesture that allows her to carry the excitement of this special time with her wherever she goes, while also serving as a beautiful keepsake to cherish for years to come

Pink Inspiration Pendant
Sapphire Inspiration Pendant

If you are looking for a set of matching earrings and necklaces, it is worth taking a look at our Cincature Collection. If you mix-and-match the Pink Cincature ring, pendant, and earrings, and the Tru-Sapphire Cincature ring, pendant, and earrings, you can create a collection of jewellery pieces for before or after the gender reveal. If you are purchasing before the final reveal you can get a set of either pink and blue pieces as a celebration for the new baby. Alternatively, if you know the baby’s gender you can decide how many set you want to give as a present to commemorate the new life in this world.

Tru-Diamonds Pink Cincature Earrings

Pink Cincature Earrings

Tru-Sapphire Cincature Earrings


Pink Cincature Pendant
Tru-Sapphire Cincature Pendant


If you are a little more traditional and want to gift the mother a timeless piece of jewellery, the brooch is a classic addition to anyone's collection. Embrace the regality of having a little princess with The Williamson Brooch that is replicated from Queen Elizabeth II wedding gift in 1947. Or gift her Diana’s Royal Brooch if she is having a little prince.

Diana’s Royal Brooch
The Williamson Brooch

Gender reveal jewellery is a thoughtful and sentimental gift for expecting mothers, offering a unique way to celebrate the impending arrival of their little one. Each time the mother-to-be wears the jewellery, she's reminded of the excitement and anticipation leading up to the big reveal. It's a beautiful way to bond with her unborn child and to share the joy with friends and family