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Settings and Metals

Settings and Metals

Superbly Set in Gold or Platinum

With Tru-Diamonds™ jewellery,  you have a choice between solid or clad settings. Both types look identical and are hand-finished to the most demanding quality standards so that, on your hand, it’s practically impossible to distinguish them from the ultra-expensive settings used for high-priced, mined diamond jewellery.

Gold and Platinum Clad Settings

Gold Clad and Platinum Clad Settings are made by fusing a generous layer of 4 microns of 18-carat Gold or .950 Platinum onto a solid core of sterling silver. This results in afar more luxurious product than vermeil which is plated with a maximum of only 2.5-microns of 10-carat gold. Jewellery set in our proprietary “clad” finishes looks like expensive diamond jewellery but is yours for a fraction of the price.

If properly cared for, these settings can stand up to many years of normal wear and are ideal for the jewellery you don’t wear day-in and day-out over a long period of time.

Solid Gold Settings

Most Tru-Diamonds™ rings are also available in solid 9ct. Yellow or White Gold makes them ideal as engagement rings or rings that will be worn day-in and day-out over many years. They are somewhat more expensive than the “Clad” versions but still cost only a fraction of the price of their mined diamond counterparts.

You Always Know What You'll Get

No more worries about ordering jewellery from a great looking picture only to find, when you receive it, that you need a magnifying glass to see the stone.

With Tru-Diamonds™ you know exactly what you'll get as we clearly disclose the carat sizes for each piece. Below is a guide to some popular carat weights' diameters and relative sizes.

You may notice 't.w.' alongside pieces with more than one gemstone. This denotes the 'total weight' of all the gems in the piece.