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by Charlotte Mostert on March 11, 2024
Greece Travel Jewellery Blog cover

Greece, a country with a powerful history and influence in ancient times, often referred to as the cradle of Western Civilization. When embarking on a holiday in Greece, one has a need for jewellery that will compliment your personality and style, as well as stand out on its own.

Bold designs for statement pieces are a staple in the Greek jewellery culture. With a touch of semi-precious gemstones that catch the sun and sparkle brilliantly, making them appear much more expensive than they are. This is the foundation of the perfect Greek vacation jewellery. Look no further than Tru-Diamonds™ for exactly that!

Evil eye pattern

The evil eye is one of the most widely recognised symbols from Greek and mystic culture. Commonly shown with a blue eye surrounded by the white sclera in an almond shape or a round shape, that was believed to ward off evil.

Tru-Sapphire Posh Halo Earrings

Tru-Sapphire Posh Halo Earrings

Tru-Diamonds Royal Necklace

Royal Necklace

Tru-Diamonds Perceptive Pearl Drops

Perceptive Pearl Drops

The circle is a symbol of protection, defence against chaos, and formlessness. To the ancient Greeks the circle was a symbol of divine symmetry and balance in nature; the eternal Circle of Life. Materialise the protection with the ‘Circle of Life’ earring and pendant duo from our catalogue

Tru-Diamonds Circle of Life Earrings

Circle of Life Earrings

Tru-Diamonds Circle of Life Pendant

 Circle of Life Pendant

The belief in horseshoes has its origin both in ancient Greece and Christianity. Believed that iron could cast off evil and the crescent shape of the horseshoe symbolise fertility and good luck. Choose your favourite way to draw in your good luck between the Lucky Horseshoe Earrings or the Lucky Horseshoe Pendant. Luck for the head, to draw in wisdom, or luck for the heart, to draw in love.

Tru-Diamonds Lucky Horseshoe Pendant
 Tru-Diamonds Lucky Horseshoe Earrings


Greek Gods and Goddesses were voraciously worshipped in ancient times. The Divine was something everyone had a connection to no matter where you came from or how you presented yourself. Having a token to symbolise your devotion to a Greek God or Goddess was seen as an offering for all they had bestowed to humans.

Own the Aphrodite Solitaire Ring, named after the ancient Greek Goddess of sexual love and beauty. The perfect ring to take on a romantic holiday with your partner to the Greek Islands.

Aphrodite statue

 Tru-Diamonds Aphrodite Solitaire Ring

Aphrodite Solitaire Ring

Greece is known for the beautiful blue water. Have a dedication to the holiday’s luxurious views with this ‘Drop of the Ocean’ pendant. Also to note is that the national colours of Greece are blue and white, the blue symbolises the sky and seas and white denotes the purity of the Greek independence struggle. This is the ideal jewellery piece that one can purchase as a reminder to a holiday in a special place in the world.

Tru-Diamonds Drop of the Ocean Pendant
Greece blue water
Royal Coronation Necklace
If you are looking for a statement piece for your nights out in Greece, nothing says Greek Goddess like royalty jewellery. Adorn yourself with the ‘Royal Coronation Necklace’ for a splendorous evening on the islands.

In Greece, jewellery is worn as a sign of prosperity and wealth, to decorate the wearer and reference a time in humanity’s history when civilization was at its peak.


1 Carat Solitair ring in sand

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  2. Pack 2 or 3 statement pieces to elevate a simple outfit and add glamour to your look.
  3. Choose comfortable pieces that you can wear all day and won't get damaged from excess exposure to the elements.

Greece is a peaceful and playful place to be. Make sure you have the jewellery to compliment the occasion with Tru-Diamonds™.