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What is Travel Jewellery?

by Charlotte Mostert on March 01, 2024


Tru-Diamonds Tiffany Style Solitaire Ring in sand

With warmer weather upon us, we are also approaching the best time to travel. Whether you are traveling by plane, or the train, you may want to take your favourite fine jewellery with you.  However, some jewellery pieces have very high sentimental value (such as one's engagement ring or heirlooms), so why take a risk of losing it when you travel?

Tru-Diamonds™ provide the ideal, earth-friendly alternative. To the naked eye, they look so authentic, even a jeweller can’t be sure because they look, feel and wear just like top-grade mined or synthetic diamonds although they have their own unique molecular and chemical make-up.

To clarify, just because it is affordable doesn’t mean that it’s cheaper in quality terms. We set our gems in authentic, hand-finished settings so you’ll experience the compliments and admiring glances that usually come only from wearing expensive diamond jewellery.

Crafted to the most demanding quality standards and warranted for life, Tru-Diamonds™ jewellery comes with a unique Triple Guarantee that no other company, we know of, can match.

 Tru-Diamonds 5.8 ct. t.w. Champagne Ring

5.8 ct. t.w. Champagne Ring

To reduce the stress and hassle that travelling already brings along, we can recommend that you swap some of your favourite jewellery pieces for eye-catching Tru-Diamonds™ jewellery that will entice the same compliments. Nicknamed ‘travel jewellery’ that does not require expensive insurance due to its affordability provides the reassurance that no-one will know that you paid a fraction of the price of the real thing, without taking the risk of losing sentimental jewellery.

“I lost my jewellery in unpleasant circumstances and the insurance wouldn’t cover it (no claim in over twenty years). I telephoned Tru Diamonds to ask when the sale was and was put through to customer services, O’Rene, who offered me a wonderful discount on replacement items! Go the extra mile, Tru Diamonds!”

Couple at the end of their proposal

There is a long-standing trend that is merging with this new ’travel jewellery’ concept where people are proposing or renewing their vows on their travels with a ring that will not be the official ring, just in case something happens.

All in all, an investment in Tru-Diamonds™ is always worthwhile. It will hold nostalgic memories and become an heirloom piece that will remain sentimental within your family for years to come.

“Jewellery is eternal, it never goes out of fashion, it will always be there.” - Kate Moss