icon Come Together: The Perks of Buying Matching Jewellery Sets

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Come Together: The Perks of Buying Matching Jewellery Sets

by Tru Diamonds on October 20, 2021

Wearing matching jewellery has been historically associated with high society. The crème de la crème sought out parures (a French word meaning ‘a jewellery set … intended to be worn together’ that comes from the verb parer meaning - ‘to adorn’) as status symbols and the necessary accoutrements for courtly appearances. Their popularity may have originated in French courts, but can be seen everywhere today, from the Queen’s royal jewels to the high street and shows no signs of going out of style. Mismatched looks in jewellery trends may come and go, but a well curated, matching look is the classic, timeless choice, and Tru-Diamonds™ has this in mind when creating stunning, signature pieces. Nowadays, men and women alike have adopted this pattern of buying jewellery in sets for any number of reasons. There are many pros to buying a matching jewellery set, from saving money and time, to developing a versatile collection. Versatility There are no hard and fast rules as to what defines a set or how to wear them; worn together, paired with similarly striking jewellery from another set or with items sold individually. The aim is to pair jewellery to achieve an elegant, finished result by matching similar pieces that share some characteristics that will tie a look together although; A Jewellery Set is noticeably similar, often identical, and is usually made from the same elements and using the same techniques. The sparkle of the Tru-Diamonds™ 4-claw Solitaire Ring and Drop Earrings, and the elegance of the 18ct Gold Clad Teardrop Earrings and Pendant reflect a flawless example of timeless sets. Matching or Co-ordinating Jewellery pieces tend to feature similar characteristics and materials. This may be the same coloured gemstone such as the modern day classic teardrop Diamond Earring Set and necklace with a matching Diamond Pendant; the setting or a particular aesthetic motif, shape or style. Saving Time Purchasing more than one item at a time will grow your collection efficiently, ensuring that you are prepared with multiple jewellery items for almost any occasion. This is particularly true in the run up to a wedding, or indeed wedding season and year end functions, where time is precious with so much to do.

  • Owning similar design or matching jewellery items means being ready for an event at short notice, as the decision of 'what goes together' has already been made.
  • Owning sets simplifies the process of matching items for a consistent, cohesive and fashionable look, regardless of the occasion.
Getting the look for less Buying matching jewellery as a gift or for yourself can be cost efficient, saving your hard earned money with special offers and treasured discounts to be found on multiple items bought at the same time. The Tru-Diamonds™ collection often features sales on matching items, such as the 2 ct. Solitaire Drop Earrings and the 2 ct. Solitaire Ring, as well as the Tear Drop Pendant that goes with the Tear Drop Earrings. Everyone’s favourite princess, Kate Middleton, is often known as the ‘princess of thrift’ due to her pairing of high street staples with designer items. With a budget to afford the most expensive labels and jewellery designers, Kate chooses to ‘get the look for less’ and sets a great example for us all by looking fabulous and comfortable with her own, personal style. She follows the matching jewellery trend, particularly with her multiple diamond and sapphire pieces, and is featured regularly in the press across the globe for her elegant and sensible jewellery choices. To start your collection today, take a look at the Tru-Diamonds website for a wide selection of gorgeous jewellery sets to choose from. For the classic romantic or contemporary chic wearer, there is something to suit every taste.