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by Lowis Coetzee on August 27, 2021
Tru Diamonds are the man-made gems that look so authentic, even a jeweller won't know they're not expensive mined diamonds when you're wearing them. 
And Tru Diamonds are not just authentic and affordable, they are also far kinder to the environment than diamond mining and they're guaranteed conflict-free.  So you can feel good - not guilty - when you wear them!  
Many celebrities, stars and VIPs wear these amazing gems because they care about the environment and so that they don't have to worry about losing hugely expensive diamonds at crowded events.
Tru Diamonds are rarer and more exclusive than mined diamonds.  Over 130-million carats of diamonds will be mined this year, while less than three hundred thousand carats of Tru Diamonds jewellery will be produced in the same period.
And Tru Diamonds come with a comprehensive lifetime guarantee that even the most expensive mined diamonds don't give you.
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