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Affordable Luxury Like Never Before

We pride ourselves on offering a sustainable alternative to expensive,
environmentally damaging mined diamonds.

We believe that all women deserve the feeling of confidence and
luxury that comes with wearing exquisite diamond jewellery.

Favoured by Celebrities & Stars

You may not know but many VIP's proudly wear these amazing gems on
the red carpet to take a stand against the harmful practices involved
in the mining and production of traditional diamond jewellery.

Tru-Diamonds™ are the world’s best alternative for expensive,
environmentally damaging mined diamonds.

They give you the look and allure of top-grade mined diamonds at
a tiny fraction of the price... and they’re earth-friendly and conflict-free,
so you can feel good, not guilty when you wear them.

Developed in the UK, Tru-Diamonds™ is the world’s
premier brand of sustainable, non-mined diamond
jewellery with over 100,000 delighted customers in the UK alone and many more all over the world.

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