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Spring Jewellery Trends

by Charlotte Mostert on April 24, 2024
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“Jewellery is eternal, it never goes out of fashion, it will always be there.”
– Kate Moss

The allure of jewellery remains timeless. As the new season rolls around, new trends are unveiled that captivate us worldwide. Jewellery is the crème de la crème of any outfit, completing it to perfection.

Even though all jewellery is timeless, there are some pieces that are more desired at certain times of the year and decade. For Spring 2024, we have a curated selection of trending pieces that would compliment any fashionable lady’s wardrobe.


A brooch is a small piece of jewellery which has a pin at the back so it can be fastened on a dress, blouse, or coat. It can be traced back to the Bronze Age (1400-1100 B.C.), but peaked in popularity during the Victorian Era (1837-1901). Brooches have been used in an elegant manner to elaborate one's outfit.

Today they are rising again in popularity on the runway and in editorial magazines to accessorise one's outfit. This can be done with big chunky style brooches, as well as smaller sizes that add that little pop of dazzle to a regal outfit.

The Williamson Brooch

The Williamson Brooch

Diana’s Royal Brooch



For the lovers of minimal jewellery, the arisal of the sphere trend is right up your alley. Sphere jewellery gives a timeless look that can be invested in and could be found in many different materials. The most classic sphere of them all is the Queen of the seven seas, the Pearl.

0.05 carats Sparkling Pearl Pendant



Do you have an expecting mother in your family or friend group? A growing trend has taken the gender reveal space by a storm - it involves giving a jewellery piece with a corresponding precious gem as a gift to a new mother identifying the gender of her baby.

Read our full blog on all our ideas here: SPARKLING SURPRISES: GENDER REVEAL JEWELLERY IDEAS

Blue Moon of Josephine Ring
The Pink Josephine Ring

 As we embrace the transition into the warmer months ahead, let us carry with us the memories of shimmering jewels that adorned our wrists, necks, and ears, adding a touch of brilliance to every ensemble.