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Sparkling Sundays

by Charlotte Mostert on March 24, 2024

Sunday originates from the Latin phrase diēs sōlis (“sun’s day”) that later got adapted to the Old English word ‘sunnandæg’.

With Christianity, Latin-derived Romance languages changed the dedication from “sun’s day” to “lord’s day” (domingo in Spanish, dimanche in French, and domenica in Italian). However, “Sun’s day” maintained popularity in the languages that would become modern English.

In Germanic pre-Christian religions, such as Norse Mythology, the sun was represented by a woman named Sol who rode a horse-and-chariot carrying the sun across the sky, before being hunted and bested by a wolf beast named Skoll. Her brother, Mani, carried the moon in a similar fashion, and you can probably guess which day of the week he’s the inspiration for. And in Greek Mythology, the god Apollo was believed to drive his chariot across the sky each day.

The Wolves Pursuing Sol and Mani (1909) by J. C. Dollman

The Wolves Pursuing Sol and Mani (1909) by J. C. Dollman.

Now that you know where the name for Sunday derives from, here are some radiant pieces that you can own to celebrate the bright light that brings life to our planet.

Imagine the explosion of a large star that would give off up to one billion times more energy than the sun; the impressive and striking Super Nova Ring is our most authentic representation of this illuminating and fascinating phenomenon.

Celebrate the mystique around sunset with our Sunset Boulevard Ring. The ring is bedecked with a 4 ct. princess-cut centre stone that creates a pristine centre piece, lending this striking ring its timeless charm.

GIF of Tru Diamonds Sunset Boulevard Ring
Tru Diamonds Jane Fonda Ring

If you are more interested in invoking the warmth of the sun, our Jane Fonda Oscars Ring is the perfect colour ring to remind you of how sunshine fills you with life.

The delicately unique 7-inch chain of the Glowing Links Bracelet glistens with 10 expertly placed Tru-Diamonds™ that style this elegant bracelet beautifully.  
Tru Diamonds Glowing Links Bracelet on wrist

If you want to carry the Sun with you wherever you go, the Bezel Solitaire Pendant is a true representation of the glowing light that radiates beautifully alongside any outfit.

Something that can’t be forgotten is a cross pendant. A classic symbol of faith is synonymous with Sundays and filling one's cup with reflection. We have a range of cross pendants to choose from on our website that can be browsed here: Tru-Diamonds Cross Pendants Collection.

Collage of Six Tru Diamonds Cross Pendants

As the sun gently illuminates the world around us, Sundays offer a moment of reflection and appreciation for the finer things in life. We hope that this inspired you with intricate designs, dazzling gemstones, and timeless elegance that adorn our Sunday musings.