icon Regal Radiance: Adorning London with Royal Replica Jewellery

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Regal Radiance: Adorning London with Royal Replica Jewellery

by Charlotte Mostert on March 25, 2024

“In London, everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in.”
-Paddington Bear

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London. The capital of our splendid country. Whether you're strolling through the enchanting halls of Kensington Palace or attending a sophisticated evening at the Royal Opera House, let these replicas be your companions, adding a touch of royalty to every step you take. With every gemstone and intricate detail carefully crafted to echo the splendour of the crown jewels, you'll feel like royalty yourself, immersed in the rich heritage of London's royal legacy.

Feel like the royalty that you are when visiting London, England with Tru-Diamonds™ this Spring/Summer. If you are planning on sightseeing, or tasting your way through our finest restaurants, we have something for you in our range.

Princess Diana's Heirloom Ring
Make a Royal entrance with the Princess Diana's Heirloom Ring or Princess of Wales Engagement Ring. These two rings are arguably the world’s most famous pair of rings. Princess Diana was beloved for her benevolence - owning a tribute to this famous gift, linking Royal generations for all time would be an honour to all. This Heirloom ring is set with a scintillating 5.3-carat Tru-Aquamarine flanked by baguette cut Tru-Diamonds™
An integral part of British Royal history, this is a striking replica of the iconic engagement ring once worn by Princess Diana and then presented by Prince William to Catherine, Princess of Wales, upon their engagement in 2010. Featuring a flawless 6 ct. Tru-Sapphire surrounded by a cluster of perfectly matching pure white Tru-Diamonds™ this ring is one of the most sought-after in our entire collection.  
Tru Diamonds Princess of Wales Engagement Ring
Tru Diamonds Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Earrings
Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Earrings were commissioned by her parents from Robinson Pelham, drawing inspiration from the Cartier Halo tiara that she wore on the day of her wedding, as well as the Middleton family’s new coat of arms that has acorns contained in its design.This is a sentimental piece with Victorian elegance that would make the perfect statement earring at your favourite dinner reservation in the heart of London.

 If you wish to bring back something timeless and blue to your outfit - our Diana’s Royal Brooch features a stunning Tru-Sapphire centre stone, surrounded by a glistening cluster of ice white Tru-Diamonds™ stones. It has a total carat weight of 11.4, making this a difficult piece to miss". This classy piece is one you won’t regret adding to your jewellery collection.

Tru Diamonds Diana’s Royal Brooch front
Diana’s Royal Brooch back


Tru Diamonds Queen Elizabeth II Pearl Earrings
 Need something subtle, but still want to feel like a Queen? These Queen Elizabeth II Pearl Earrings are the perfect everyday wearable earrings for walking about in London.

Why choose pearls? It is no secret that the late Queen Elizabeth II loved her pearls. She was often seen wearing pearl jewellery and was photographed wearing her diamond and pearl earrings during a Royal walkabout in 1977 in honour of her Silver Jubilee. Since then, the Duchess of Cambridge has worn these earrings to many public events.
If you need a statement necklace for a night on the red carpet or for a luxurious dinner party, be the centre of attention with our Tru-Diamonds™ Royal Coronation Necklace which embodies timeless glamour. Featuring an exquisite 54.8 ct. t.w. of Tru-Diamonds™ gems that give it a shimmering display of opulence. You're sure to be noticed when you wear this exceptional piece  
Tru Diamonds Royal Coronation Necklace

As you explore the majestic streets of London, adorned with centuries of regal history, there's no better way to complement your journey than by adorning yourself with exquisite royal replicas jewellery from Tru-Diamonds™.