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by Tru Diamonds on October 20, 2021

Excitement for the 2015 awards season has kicked off and continues to build as we lauded the stars at the Golden Globe Awards on 11 January this year. Since their inception in 1961 this prestigious event continues to recognise excellence and honours the best in film and television – both domestic and foreign. While the evening celebrates performance and all related to the industry, there seems to be an equal amount of hype around the stylishness and pizazz of the stars. High profile celebrities razzle the red carpet in designer gowns and glistening jewellery to make unforgettable appearances. Whilst we may not have access to the stylists they rely on to put forward their impeccable presentations – we can plagiarise (or at the very least borrow) from their flawless fashion pages. Many of the stars chose to glamour their gowns with dazzling drop earrings. Jessica Chastaine set off her plunging, liquid dress with a cascading pair of Diamond Earrings, while Julia Louis Dreyfus opted to compliment the sparkle on her bodice with classics like the Tear Drop Earrings.

Colour captures the eye and there was surely no shortage of coloured jewels bedazzling the fans. Anna Kendrick added a splash of ruby to her lobes that complimented the embellished gems on her nude gown, while Patricia Arquette chose to spotlight her one shouldered black dress with champagne accessories. Cindy Crawford flaunted her physique in a bright blue Versace number. Sticking to the hue, Katherine Heigl chose a slightly more demure navy blue and flattered her ensemble with wrist, ear and finger gems in the same tone.
Katie Holmes proved that less can certainly be more by pairing her eggplant dress with ‘barely there’ jewellery. While her ears and fingers remained sparkle free, her wrists shone like the star that she is. Grab her glamour with the Misty Shimmer or the Grand Premiere bracelets. Both Lorde and Juliana Margulies used a dazzling neckpiece as their major eye-catching accessory. We look forward to more stargazing with the upcoming Screen Actors Guild Awards at the end of January. Which star’s style are you craving to capture?