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Everlasting Environmental Impact of Mined Diamonds

When we think about being eco-friendly, we mainly think about using reusable straws, coffee cups and carrying bags… but what about mined diamonds?

Mining diamonds has many consequences and devastating impacts on the environment, but it’s always been something none of us want to face… instead, we ignore it and brush it off.

So, why are mined diamonds frowned upon by so many these days? Let’s dive into it…

Water and Energy Usage
Mining diamonds use more than 120 gallons of water per carat, whereas on average, lab-created gems use 85% less water at only 18 gallons per carat. Mined diamonds also result in the discharge of wastewater and pollutants into water bodies.

When it comes to energy consumption, the stats aren’t any better… What many don’t realise is that because diamond mines are often found in remote areas, the transportation and distribution requirements are the reason for concern on their own. On top of that, the process of mining uses vast amounts of energy.

To give you an idea of how much energy is, consider this: Americans use more electricity per household than any other country on earth and diamond mining uses enough electricity to power 1 million households within the U.S annually. In comparison, laboratory-created gems use much less power to produce and are often manufactured in facilities using renewable energy sources which minimises. Not only does this reduce energy consumption, but it also lends to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the production process.

Air Pollution
The air pollutants from mining a single carat diamond are 1.5 billion times higher than lab created gems. CO2 emissions generated from traditionally mined diamonds are equivalent to approximately 1.5 million vehicles running for a year. Think about that for a second… A large part of these emissions is generated at the mines themselves in order to excavate and move over 3 tons of earth per carat mined.

Land Displacement
During the mining process, large amounts of land are excavated, so much so that the mines are often visible from space. Also, remember that miners don’t mine on lifeless wastelands, so whatever lived there before, doesn’t live there anymore… just to make matters worse, once mining activities have ceased, the land is still rendered unusable and large amounts of waste are often left behind.

Habitat Destruction
It’s very common for diamond deposits to be found in areas of high biodiversity and sensitive habitats. For example, many of the mines in Russia and Canada are either within or just below the arctic circle and in Central Africa, nearly 42% of mines will impact ecologically important locations when fully exploited. As well as this, the fact that mining is a labour-intensive process result in large-scale job creation and therefore new cities pop up drawing huge amounts of people to the area nearby and the environmental destruction continues. The sad reality, however, is that many of these jobs, especially in Africa, are minimum wage/low income resulting in many having a very low standard of living.

Ethical Impact
It’s no secret that mining diamonds has resulted in human suffering. The industry is known for human rights violations, child labour and inhumane treatment of workers.

They say diamonds are forever, well so is the devastation from mining them… So, are diamonds worth their destruction? Remember, you have a choice, and that’s what we’re here for.

The Eco-Friendly Alternative
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