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With Tru-Diamonds™ rings (and some other items), you have a choice “Tru” or “Solid” settings. Both types look identical and are hand-finished to the most demanding quality standards so that, on your hand, it’s practically impossible to distinguish them from the ultra-expensive settings used for high-priced, designer diamond jewelry.
Tru-Gold™ or Tru-Platinum™ Settings are made by cladding a generous 4 microns of 18-carat Gold or .950 Platinum on a solid core of Sterling Silver. This results in jewelry that looks like expensive diamond jewelry but is yours for a very small fraction of the price. If properly cared for, these settings stand up to years of normal wear and are ideal for jewelry you do not intend to wear, day-in and day-out, for a long period of time.
Solid Gold Settings are available for most rings and should be chosen if you intend wearing your ring every day for a lifetime, as in the case of an engagement ring. Tru-Diamonds™ rings in Solid Yellow or White Gold settings are more expensive than in Tru-Gold™ or Tru-Platinum™ settings, but they are still only a fraction of the price of comparable mined diamond pieces.
With Tru-Diamonds™ You Always Know What You’ll Get
You no longer need to worry about ordering jewelry from a great looking picture only to find you need a magnifying glass to see the stone, when you receive it. With Tru-Diamonds™ jewelry you know exactly what you'll get because we clearly state the carat sizes for each piece.

 The table alongside gives you diameter and relative sizes of some of the popular carat weights.
You’ll notice “t.w.” next to the carat size of some pieces. This denotes the total weight of all stones in the piece.