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With the proper care your Tru-Diamonds™ jewelry, like any fine diamond jewelry, will last a lifetime.       

Tru-Diamonds™ gems are exceptionally hard and are unlikely to become damaged or scratched. But lotions, powders, soaps and even natural skin oils can put a film over diamonds and gems that will greatly reduce their sparkle and brilliance. Fortunately, this is easily remedied by regular cleaning.

Remember, Tru-Gold™ or Tru-Platinum™ settings are not meant for everyday wear over a long period of time although, if properly cared for and worn for outings and occasions, they can last a lifetime. For everyday wear (e.g. engagement ring) choose a solid gold setting which, although somewhat more expensive, is still only a fraction of the price of a similar mined diamond piece.

Precious metals scratch easily, so take off your jewelry (especially rings) when doing the housework, yard work, gardening, on the beach or anytime they could rub against sand, metal or other abrasive substances.  Never let any fine jewelry come into contact with chlorine bleach. When you're not wearing your jewelry, be sure to store in a fabric lined case or in a box with dividers to prevent one piece of jewelry scratching another (the presentation box in which you receive your Tru-Diamonds™ jewelry is ideal for this purpose).

When travelling, pack your jewelry with the utmost care. There are many types of jewelry cases, designed for jewelry travel, available in all price ranges. Most have velvet pads inside to attach pins and earrings, with special compartments for bracelets and necklaces. 


Diamonds, like all gemstones, will lose some of their sparkle and luster if not kept clean. To avoid this, keep your jewelry clean with one of these easy methods:

Use A Jewelry Cleaner: 

Use any reputable, brand-name liquid jewelry cleaner for diamonds to keep your Tru-Diamonds™ gems clean and sparkling. Read the label carefully and follow instructions. Do not touch your clean diamonds with your fingers, as the oils from your hands can leave a film on the stones.

Make A Detergent Bath:

Prepare a small bowl of warm suds using any mild household liquid detergent (be sure not to use any cleaners containing chlorine). Brush the jewelry with a soft brush until you have created a lather around it. With the jewelry on a plastic or metal strainer, rinse off with warm water (be sure not to clean your jewelry over the drain). Pat your jewelry dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Get An Ultrasonic Cleaner:

There are many types of these small electric or battery operated machines available today. They will clean any piece of jewelry that can be soaked in a liquid within a matter of minutes. When the machine is turned on, a high-frequency turbulence is created. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions before using these machines.