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Welcome to Tru-Diamonds.
Where Luxury Meets Affordability and Sustainability.

Developed in the UK, Tru-Diamonds™ is the world’s premier brand of simulated, non-mined diamond jewellery, offering an eco-friendly alternative to costly mined diamonds.

Our mission extends beyond mere jewellery retail – we're committed to reshaping the concept of luxury, making it attainable for everyone. Imagine a world where expressing love or treating yourself to a radiant piece doesn't burden you financially.

Tru-Diamonds™ give you the look and allure of top-grade diamonds at a tiny fraction of the price... and they’re earth-friendly and conflict-free. Wearing them isn't just about looking good – it's about feeling good without any guilt.

We believe in the following:

1. Sustainability

Sustainably grown in state-of-the-art laboratories using sustainable practices, Tru-Diamonds™ are not only environmentally friendly but also conflict-free, allowing you to wear them with a clear conscience.

Unlike traditional mining methods that can lead to the excavation of up to 250 tons of earth for just one carat of gem diamond, Tru-Diamonds™ eliminates the need for such destructive practices.

Furthermore, with Tru-Diamonds™, you can rest assured that they are not blood diamonds. We meticulously monitor and control the entire process, from creation to cutting, ensuring transparency and ethical sourcing at every step.
Wear your Tru-Diamonds™ with pride, knowing that they embody both elegance and ethical responsibility.

2. Affordable Luxury

The timeless charm of diamond jewellery has long been synonymous with prestige and fashion. At Tru-Diamonds, we're on a mission to make that allure accessible to all.

No longer should one feel the need to spend a fortune on a diamond ring to symbolise love and commitment. With Tru-Diamonds, you can experience the same compliments and admiring glances that typically accompany expensive diamond jewelry, all at a fraction of the cost—up to 90% less.

To make luxury even more attainable, we've partnered with Klarna & Clearpay, offering convenient buy now and pay later options. Embrace the elegance of Tru-Diamonds without compromising your budget.

3. High Quality Jewellery

Each piece at Tru-Diamonds is meticulously handcrafted using only the finest materials, ensuring the creation of top-tier jewellery. The level of quality we uphold ensures that, to the naked eye, our pieces exude an authenticity that even jewellers find indistinguishable from mined diamonds.

The remarkable resemblance to top-grade mined or synthetic diamonds is not merely visual, they emulate the same feel and wear. Although they have their own distinct molecular and chemical makeup, Tru-Diamonds radiate the same quality that goes beyond conventional expectations.

Every Tru-Diamonds™ jewellery piece comes with a unique 30-Day No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee. You have a full 30 days to decide once you receive it, so try it on… show it to friends or family and, in the unlikely event that you’ve not delighted, return it for a full and prompt refund of your purchase price.

4.4 ct. t.w. Grand Accolade Ring


3 ct. t.w. Eternity Ring


2.2 ct. t.w. Eternity Ring


2 ct. t.w. Cincature Ring

In addition to our values as a brand, here are some of the reasons why we have over 100,000 delighted customers in the UK alone plus many more all over the world.
And also why we have thousands of five-star reviews on Trustpilot:
1. Comparable to Top Grade Diamonds

When judged by the “Four C’s” that professional gemmologists use to grade fine diamonds - (Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat size) - Tru-Diamonds™ gems compare favourably to the finest, top-grade mined diamonds.

They are ice white in colour, flawlessly clear, cut to perfect proportions and they come in similar carat sizes to their mined diamond counterparts. What is more, they are so hard and durable that they can even cut glass!

2. You Always Know What You'll Get

No more worries about ordering jewellery from a great looking picture only to find, when you receive it, that you need a magnifying glass to see the stone.

With Tru-Diamonds™ you know exactly what you'll get as we clearly disclose the carat sizes for each piece. Below is a guide to the diameter and relative sizes of some of the popular carat weights.
You may notice 't.w.' alongside pieces with more than one gemstone. This denotes the 'total weight' of all the gems in the piece.

3. Hallmarked For Your Protection

The Tru-Diamonds™ brand name and the hallmarks on our jewellery are worldwide trademarks of Monark Global Limited. They are your assurance of the world's finest, ethically produced, non-mined gems.

4. Beautifully Boxed and Certified

Every piece of Tru-Diamonds™ jewellery comes in a beautiful presentation box, with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the pure white colour, superlative brilliance, flawless clarity, perfect cut and excellent hardness and toughness of our gems.

You’ll also receive a copy of our exclusive Triple Guarantee and a helpful guide on how to care for your jewellery.


Embracing a forward-thinking ethos in jewellery design and production, we relentlessly pursue the creation of Tru-Diamonds pieces that are not only exquisite but also environmentally

Our commitment to innovation has garnered recognition, and we are proud to announce that we were honoured as the Winner of LUX Life's Most Innovative Jewellery Brand of 2022.
This accolade is just the beginning, as we continue our journey to bring you even more groundbreaking and sustainable jewellery creations in the future.


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If you're considering owning or gifting a Tru-Diamonds piece for a special occasion but have questions or reservations, visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more insights.

For personalised assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service team at +44 (0) 333 043 5000 or email service@trudiamonds.com.
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