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My Tru Diamonds Moment

by Tru Diamonds on October 20, 2021

You make us shine!

We’ve been feeling the love recently and thought we should share what our committed customers and faithful fans have been saying behind the scenes. We love to hear your thoughts of our jewellery and how we feature in your memorable moments. We put all of our effort into ensuring our jewellery is unique and stays affordable without compromising on the quality, so when we get testimonials from happy customers, they really make our day. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the general consensus is that our gems are as good as, if not better, than the real thing.

My Tru-Diamonds™ Moments

These are just four of the most recent testimonials we’ve received from avid Tru Diamonds™ supporters. Please keep them coming!

From Cathy* Good Morning Tru-Diamonds™, Having just received the new Trend Setters brochure (and having spotted my next purchase!), I thought I'd share my Tru-Diamonds™ Moment with you: I now have three Tru-Diamonds™ rings, and having seen the selection of “Stunning Newcomers”, I have ear-marked the next one (to go on my Christmas list). All three of my diamond rings are stunning, and the one I wear every day- which has been admired many times- is my Eternity Ring. Thank you Tru-Diamonds™ and “here’s to the next one”! Kind regards, Cathy* T2056

From Deborah* Dear Tru -Diamonds™, I am a singing teacher. One of my adult pupils and I regularly discuss and admire each other’s jewellery. I was wearing my Tru Diamonds™ Posh Gala Event Ring during one of her lessons and the light was making it sparkle. She commented on how beautiful it was, so at first I pretended it was real, and she believed me. I eventually told her it was a Tru Diamonds™ ring and she said, "Well, it looks real!” She was very impressed! I am now trying to decide which one to buy next. Yours, Deborah* T2834

From Penelope* in Kent Last year, I had the misfortune to lose a diamond from a treasured, real diamond ring. I was disappointed to be told by my insurers that it was not covered by my house insurance. I took it to a jeweller’s to get a quote on a repair, but I could not afford it. I then saw one I really liked in your catalogue and bought it. Some time later a friend noticed it and said “your insurance must have paid out well for you to replace your ring with such a lovely one”. She was most surprised when I told her how little my ring had cost because it looked so expensive. I have since bought others from you for my granddaughters. Penelope* New Romney, Kent

From Francis* in North Yorkshire Dear Tru -Diamonds™, I have bought four rings off you now and I love them all, but the one that gets complimented all the time is my Emerald Cut Trilogy Ring. Nobody can believe it when I tell them it's a Tru Diamonds™ gem. I always tell them to go to your website and see for themselves the amazing jewellery you have. T2188 There really is no difference between a mined diamond and a Tru Diamonds™ one- just the price! I love receiving your catalogue and have already decided my next purchase will be the stunning new Pear-Shaped Ring. Could you please send me a ring sizer so I can decide which finger I want to wear it on? Many thanks, Francis* Harrogate, North Yorkshire *Names have been changed to protect our customers’ privacy.